10 Ways Technology is Getting More Feminine in 2017

To define masculine, using the word “Goal” makes more sense than using the word “Tough“. Another way to define masculine is: “Winning & decisiveness are important in society”.

When we define femininity the word “Tender” makes good sense. However, a better way to define femininity is “Process orientation and consensus“.

Here are the 10 trends I see in technology that show that Feminine energy is infusing the technology world.  It’s less about binary right and wrong, win or lose, and more about empathy and collaboration than ever before.

These are all very feminine traits, becoming important factors of success in design & service:

1. Customer Success is becoming essential to success.
2. Empathy is being infused into Technical Support and even being programmed into AI Help Bots.
3. Collaborative design is much more common.
4. User experience matters more than functionality.
5. Emotion evoking features and marketing are making the difference.
5. Women in technology are making the difference to the bottom line of companies.
6. Technology is becoming more interactive and touch-based than ever before
7. Environmental impact is making it to the boardroom and labels.
8. Passion is taking a front seat to money making
9. The collective voice and crowdfunding are the driving forces for change and innovation.
10. Work life balance, flexible working hours and mindfulness are becoming standard in every office.

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