Mia Lockhart

I blog about women, technology, women in technology and anything else that’s interesting to me.

My motto: Love your Monday’s


Because if you’re dreading Monday mornings, something’s broken.  Create a lifestyle, business or career, and body that feels good and continues to GIVE you energy, not drain you…

My work is all about customer success, women in technology and leadership, digital marketing & business development of services that bring value to people’s lives.

I blog, consult, coach and speak about the intersection between technology and humanity.  I infuse love into tech support, empathy into web copy and balance the information with the impact to ensure value at the most basic human level.

Technology can evoke emotion when created correctly, and customer service can bring tears of joy and lifetime loyalty if given from a corporation that feeds that type of empathy from the top down.

I also have a passion for helping women live more vibrant, healthy lives and live to their potential.

I’m here to help women reclaim the sources of their greatest power and insight- especially women needing extra support to find their voice and their truth.  Women in technology and high-level business who deserve a spot in leadership but just need the nudge to speak up, stand up and be supported without losing their identity along the way.

Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge, sometimes it’s hardcore, hands dirty, butt kicking challenges to shake things up and help them to get their mojo back.

Sometimes it’s tough love, but it’s deep, honey.



what I do


Business Coaching, Consulting & Marketing Services.


I have a passion for helping and an obsession for getting things done.


You will often find me up late, researching the latest trends in marketing and startups. I’m kind of geeky that way.


My strengths in Business and Marketing come from a deep curiosity about EVERYTHING and an ability to see the big picture. I bring over 15 years of personal business owning experience to every meeting I have. Plenty of my creativity is sparked from raising 4 kids and all the new ideas they bring to each day. I’m known for my tenacity, energy, and care.


I get to infuse creativity, community, technology and real people to create a huge impact.


Visit me on LinkedIn for more info or contact me directly here.


my gifts


intuitive insight

creativity & out-of-the-box thinking.

healing touch

tenacious energy

deep, far-reaching love



i am

an entrepreneur

creating, marketing & learning in my own business and helping entrepreneurs in theirs.

adapting to the industry as it changes with

heart and hustle.


learning, living & growing

discovering my truth

letting go, healing, and growing.


raising healthy, happy kids

and healthy relationships

4 kids, a long-term marriage- there’s no user manuals for this.



staying fit

in every stage of  life

I’m not always my at best but I’m definitely invested in long-term health – through every busy, crazy, changing stage of life.


my vision project

The Vibrant Women Project

women encouraging women.

If I can help just one woman in any tiny way to live a fuller, more energized and passionate life – that would be enough. we were given a great capacity for joy.

Join here: www.vibrantwomenproject.com



Thanks for joining me here.  If we’re meant to connect, or you feel we need to talk further – please send me a quick message!