Getting back to loving your body, after having a baby.

Because I’ve had 4 babies, and I seem to usually be in a reasonably ‘fit and healthy’ state, I’m often asked my top tips for getting back in shape after having a baby.

First, I’ll just reiterate, again and again – be patient and be gentle!! There’s no gain in being harsh on your beautiful body that has just brought an amazing being into this world and even though social pressure is high to get back into pre-pregnancy shape before your baby starts crawling, stressing about it is one of the worse things for you and your baby.  So first things first, pat yourself on the back and remember how awesome you are.  Start from a huge place of gratitude for your amazing body and amazing baby.

I have no doubt you’ll get your body back to where you want it. I’ll say the things that are my go to, when it comes to tightening up, is cutting out carbs. I can get strict with eating meats, veggies and good fats (avocado’s etc) with a little fruit but cutting out all the other stuff and that works fast.

I don’t deny myself wine or dark chocolate cause pleasure is always the best ingredient and feeling deprived sucks.

And the other commitment I make is doing exercise that I love, alone. My sanity time. Even if it’s just 30mins to yourself walking outside. Give yourself the gift alone time. – Momma Sanity Time.

Give yourself the gift alone time doing stuff that feels good JUST for YOU pays off in your body 100% of the time.

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