10 Ways Technology is Getting More Feminine in 2017

To define masculine, using the word “Goal” makes more sense than using the word “Tough“. Another way to define masculine is: “Winning & decisiveness are important in society”. When we define femininity the word “Tender” makes good sense. However, a better way to define femininity is “Process orientation and consensus“. Here are the 10 trends […]

35 Things I Learned Working at a SaaS Startup

Everyone’s faking it until they make it. Accountability systems DO increase productivity Focus more on customer satisfaction than marketing — because satisfied customers are the best marketing. Keep overhead low and team motivation high. Talk about the elephant in the room. Don’t see failures as setbacks, they are perfect learnings. User-experience design is not for programmers or […]

what lights me up?

encouraging women to live their truth speaking up for gender equality playing with energy sharing ideas coming up with new ideas seeing connections between industries and tech inventing things thinking up new business ideas brainstorming playing dancing getting in the Flow lighting people up genuinely caring for people healing energy feeling healing energy flow through […]